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Specialised Social Services

The 5 social services centres in the Region of Southern Denmark are tasked with providing specialist assistance to children and adults with special needs.

The Social Service Centres in the Region of Southern Denmark

  • Center for Kommunikation og Velfærdsteknologi (Centre for Communication and Welfare technology) provides counselling, teaching and specialist pedagogical assistance to people suffering from functional impairment in relation to speech, hearing, sight and/or mobility.
  • Handicapcenter Fyn (Centre for Disabled People - Funen) provides accommodation, activities and interaction programmes for people suffering from significant functional impairment of a communicative, psychological and/or physical nature.
  • Specialcenter Syddanmark (Specialistcentre Southern Denmark) provides accommodation, rehabilitation and employment programs for mentally challenged adults, including people sentenced by the courts. The center also provides accommodation and education programmes for children and teenagers with special social difficulties.
  • Socialcenter Lillebælt (Socialcentre Little Belt) evaluates, rehabilitates and supports people suffering from complex psychiatric ailments and substance abuse issues. The center also provides accommodation and education programmes for teenagers with special social difficulties
  • Autismecenter Syddanmark (Centre for Autism Southern Denmark) provides accommodation and employment programmes for children and adults with autism spectrum-disorders. A department in the centre also works with blind and deaf/blind people. The centre also provides accommodation for children with physical disabilities.

More information about the social service centres

If you want to know more about each of the social service centres, the information can be found at our Danish website.

Read about our social service  - only in Danish