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Your own physician (GP)

You can consult your own physician or general practitioner (GP) when you are ill or have suffered a minor injury. Your GP can refer you to further treatment or an examination.

Examinations, consultation, teleconsultations, house calls​​​

You can make an appointment for an examination or for a personal consultation with your GP. Your GP also offers teleconsultations if you need to renew your prescription, etc. In special circumstances, your GP may pay a house call.

Your GP​

Your GP’s name, address and telephone number is printed on your health card (sundhedskort).

Treatment or referral​​

After diagnosing your illness or injury, your GP can initiate a treatment or refer you to a specialist or a hospital for another form of treatment.

Your GP can assist you when you:​

  • are suffering from a minor ailment
  • are taken ill acutely
  • suffer minor injuries
  • need to renew your prescription
  • need a medical certificate

Via your GP’s web site (see can book appointments, renew your prescription and send your GP an e-mail.

​When your GP is closed

If you need help outside of your GP's normal hours, please contact the Medical Helpline by dialing (+45) 70 11 07 07. Physicians and nurses will advise you about proper treatment. For example, they can refer you to a hospital emergency department or an urgent care center.

​If you need urgent medical assistance with acute, life threatening illness or with injury, then call 112.

Changing your GP​​​

If you want to change to a new GP, contact the local municipality or fill in the appropriate form on or the website of your local municipality.