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Do you need an interpretor?

You will have an interpretor at your disposal, if your doctor considers it neccessary for your examination. Interpretation is free of charge for individuals who have had residence in Denmark for less than 3 years.

An interpretation fee will be charged if you have had residence in Denmark for more than 3 years. 

Prices for interpretation

The interpretation fee will not be charged in the following cases

An interpretation fee will not be chargred for interpretation of the Greenlandic and Faroese languages. 

If you are exempt according to the case mentionen above, you must send written documentation for exemption to the region in which you live.

Send written documentation for exemption to: 

Region Southern Denmark
Regnskab og finans
Region Syddanmark
Damhaven 12
7100 Vejle

The documentation has to be a statement issued by a physician. That may be your general practitioner or the doctor who treats you at the hospital.

Payment for interpretation

If you have to pay a fee for the interpretation, you will receive an invoice from your region. You will receive this invoice in your e-boks or by regular mail.

Guidance and complaints

For information about your rights as a patient and possibilities for complaints, contact the patient counselors:  

Patient counselor telephone: 76 63 14 90

Region Syddanmark - Email: