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Most patients treated by the Psychiatric Services in the Region of Southern Denmark are cared for as outpatients. For adults, the outpatient treatment is provided through local psychiatric clinics close to where they live, or even in their own homes. For example the programme may involve visits from local psychosis teams. Treatment involving hospitalisation is provided at hospital departments with 24-hour wards.

Children and teenagers are also treated as outpatients or during hospitalisation at one of the three special psychiatric departments for children and young people.

In addition, the hospital treats forensic psychiatry patients who have been sentenced to treatment, as well as refugees and victims of torture.

In 2013, the Psychiatric Services in the Region of Southern Denmark opened the first telepsychiatric centre in the country.

The hospital uses PsykInfo – a centre for advice and information – to communicate knowledge  about psychological illnesses. PsykInfo is present in local psychiatric clinics and on wards, and its primary focus is on consultancy, courses and events.

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